Election Law Ethics & Lobbying

If you interact with government officials in New York on the state or municipal level, you may be considered a lobbyist. The implications that flow from that designation are profound.  You and possibly your company may be required to comply with some of the most detailed and comprehensive lobbying laws and regulations in the country including the filing of reports on a bi-monthly, semi-annual, and biannual basis with  the New York State Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government,  the New York City Clerk, and various other municipal government agencies or a combination of any of those entities.  There are also limitations on the giving of gifts and other interactions with public officials.

Moreover, if you lobby or advocate on the federal level, you may be subject not only to filing reports with either or both Houses of Congress but also to analogous limitations on your interactions with government officials.

And in New York and in the federal government, there are legal limits on the actions current and former public officials can take.  At the local, state and federal levels, laws and regulations create a web of ethics rules that impact a vast array of transactions and relationships.

We can guide you through this maze of regulation.

We can advise and assist you before and while engaging in lobbying or any interactions with government officers to ensure you comply with  applicable laws and regulations.  We can also review, improve and, if you would like, formulate procedures with respect to lobbying and government ethics to ensure that issues do not arise that would implicate any violation of the law; an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.  Indeed, we have an almost unique insight into these issues and will be there with the goal to prevent issues and problems from arising, ensuring compliance, and representing you and always standing by your side if your actions are questioned and become the subject of investigation and  administration or judicial action and beyond.  

We know the intricacies and details of New York and federal lobbying and government ethics laws.  We can be your roadmap to safely advocating in this highly regulated area.

Seth Agata
Of Counsel